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    Stevenage Dayhab – Drug & Alcohol Addiction Outpatient Treatment

Dayhab: Stevenage Based Outpatient Rehab at the Farm

Stevenage: the United Kingdom’s first new town under the 1946 New Towns Act[i], now has a Dayhab centre of it’s own. Should you be looking for rehabilitation from an addiction the Farm, based in Radlett, can help. We also treat emotional disorders and provide a range of therapies, all geared towards recovery.

If you live in the Stevenage Borough and need help to recover from alcohol addiction, drug problems, or emotional issues – then we are here to help you. The Farm can provide all the benefits and support of a regular rehab clinic while allowing you to be treated as an outpatient. This means that residents of Stevenage are able to recover from addiction without ‘checking themselves in’ to full-time rehab.

Our patients are free to come and go as they please. They also have the ability to choose between an intensive 28 Dayhab program, and a less intensive program that is aimed at helping ex-addicts stave off cravings.

If you think you need our aid to kick your addiction then contact us today. You can reach us by phone on 0203 960 8689 if you think you need urgent care. You can also book a free assessment by following this link.

The Types of Health Problems We Can Help With Include:

  • Emotional issues – we provide intensive psychological treatment for those who are addicted, and those who are not. Psychological disorders are just as real as physical ones – but we are here to aid you.
  • Support through recovery – if you have a drug or alcohol dependency then the Farm is able to step in and provide support through recovery. All you need is a willingness to get better from alcohol addiction, and the dedication to stick it out.
  • Familial Support – we understand that recovering from an addiction is difficult for your family, close friends, and support network. Those closest to you need to suffer through the worst of the process with you. We give them weekly support sessions when you partake in our 28 Dayhab program, or in our Stable Living program.
  • Relapse Prevention – If you are already well into recovery but feel a relapse coming on then don’t wait! Call us right now, on 0203 960 8689, and get your Stable Living Program brochure. We can provide a top up to what you already know, helping you through the worst of times and those moments when you feel like you might backtrack.
  • Aftercare issues – Should you feel you want to recover, but keep slipping back down the rabbit hole, then the Farm might be just what you need. We provide a full year’s worth of aftercare for each patient. A full year to get back on your feet and stay there. That’s more than most other centres will provide.
  • Alcohol and Drug Detox – Although we do not do this ourselves, we do partner with an organisation that can refer you to the correct place for detox. Fully stopping an addiction can be dangerous since physical dependency may have already occurred. In certain situations this can cause serious harm (as in with heroin abuse). Avoid going ‘cold turkey’ on a serious addiction without help.

So as you can see; the Farm is more than just a rehab facility, it is a flexible, versatile, healing centre that treats a range of issues. It is also an inclusive environment where you will feel supported – not judged – so there really isn’t any reason not to call!

The Benefits of Dayhab in Stevenage

Having a dayhab centre in Stevenage allows your residents to treat addictions and emotional disorders in their own time. Unlike a traditional rehab clinic, a dayhab clinic lets clients come and go as they please. They also provide other benefits, some of which are as follows:

  • The freedom to leave means you can get help for addictions as an outpatient. You do not need to ‘move in’ to a dayhab clinic. Instead, you can keep your childcare commitments, stay in work, and recover while living life as normal!
  • There is no transition period when you choose dayhab over rehab. You do not need to ease yourself back into your old life while simultaneously fighting the patterns of behaviour that led you to addiction to begin with. You learn real coping tactics and apply them from the very beginning.
  • Dayhab is often a more affordable alternative than full time, residential rehab clinics. A dayhab centre will get you back on your feet, just as effectively, but could end up costing you less!
  • Dayhab gives you the choice of an intensive, 28 Dayhab program, and the Stable Living Program, when you choose the Farm. This means that you can avoid relapsing without going back into rehab, full time. You are treated as an outpatient and this causes minimum disruption to your life.
  • You will be given full emotional support from highly skilled Psychotherapists. The implementation of these therapies allows us to treat those with emotional problems through a high-end, totally tailored, set of sessions.

As well as providing all of these benefits, dayhab at the Farm is particularly special. It gives you a full year’s worth of aftercare for each program. So no matter whether you want to top up your recovery from alcohol or drug addiction, or whether you are starting recovery from scratch: we can help you.

Alcohol and Drug Dayhab in Stevenage

You may not think that Stevenage has a problem with either alcohol or drugs… however, the real truth is that the statistics are alarming. In 2019 the UK government announced that they would slash the spending on rehabilitation in the Stevenage area. This resulted in a 10% increase in drug and alcohol dependency related deaths, reported local news resource, the Comet.

To put this into perspective; Hertfordshirecouncil officially records that 463 people in Stevenage are known to be receiving treatment for alcohol addiction alone. The statistics concerning those involved in the use of illicit drugs is no better. In Stevenage, Police UK report 148 drug related crimes in an 11 month period. So although you may not think Stevenage has a problem with drugs and alcohol, it is just as at-risk as the rest of the UK.

Emotional Disorder Support in Stevenage

Similarly, you may not think that emotional disorders are a problem in Stevenage – but emotional disorders and mental health problems are an issue across the board in England. There is a distinctive public mental health ‘implementation gap’[ii], which sees some diagnosed with emotional problems unable to be seen by the NHS for long periods of time.

The NHS and Hertfordshire County Council do have guidelines on mental health and wellbeing. These tend to be focused towards mental ill health and not towards the root causes. For example, they advise that you seek help if you are urgently unwell (AKA suicidal) but do little to reassure those suffering the emotional dependency of an addiction. Through our rural dayhab centre at the Farm, we can help combat this, providing support for mental wellbeing during recovery from addiction.

Dayhab at the Farm: Helping Stevenage Residents through Recovery

Here at the Farm we are dedicated to providing high end treatment for those that want to get off drugs. Whether you want to quit your substance abuse habits or whether you want to make sure they cravings stay away – we have a program that can help.

The 28 Dayhab Program

The 29 Dayhab Program at the Farm helps you stay off drugs or alcohol, for good. Included is an initial consultation with our psychiatrist, along with 28 90-minute group therapy sessions to offer peer support. You will also benefit from free aftercare – that’s weekly sessions – for a full year. Weekly family support session run throughout the program, allowing you to connect with your support group and protect their mental health. 4 x 1-hour psychotherapy sessions are also included.

The Stable Living Program

The Stable Living Program includes some of the best parts of the 28 Dayhab program but is intended to prevent relapse for those already recovered. It includes structured group therapy, assignment groups, one-on-one support, as well as family and group therapy, all designed to help you stay off drugs.

If you are unable to attend dayhab on a daily basis because of prior commitments, if you just want to top up your tools for recovery, or if you have attended a full time rehab somewhere else and want to ease yourself back in to society again: then this is the program for you.

Workshops are often included in both programs and will tackle things like consequences, the 12 steps to recovery, and re-building your future. At the Farm, all services offered are high-end, fully vetted and approved, and come with the seal of healthcare professionals.

Don’t wait. Get better today. Call 0203 960 8689 for further information, or for a free, informal chat. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Let the Farm give you the boost you need to be successful.