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    Herts Dayhab – Drug & Alcohol Addiction Outpatient Treatment

Dayhab: Hertfordshire based Rehab at the Farm

Those who need help getting off drugs or alcohol will be happy to know that the UK’s first rural Dayhab centre is now up and running. This well-equipped facility is ready to help you with a whole range of issues. Some of the problems treated at the Farm’s Hertfordshire facility include:

  • Counselling and recovery dayhab programs for alcohol abuse.
  • Emotional Disorders that can be the underlying root cause of your addiction.
  • Substance abuse recovery – our dayhab facility can aid you in recovering from most substances.
  • Prescription drug addiction – we can even help you to get off prescription drugs.
  • Narcotic drug addiction – we deal with everything from heroin addiction to cannabis over-indulgence. We can help you recover while fitting in around your day.
  • Psychological and Dependency Disorders – all can find solace at The Farm.

Our Radlett based dayhab clinic can help you recover without the need for overnight stays in expensive residential clinics. Essentially, our dayhab centre can be fit in around your day and you can come and go as you please. This method allows you as much (or as little) support as you might need throughout your recovery from addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Dayhab Care in Hertfordshire

Addiction is becoming a real problem all throughout the country – but statistics in Hertfordshire reveal some worrying trends. Back in July, local news source The Comet revealed that a £2.8 million rehab funding cut in the Herts area coincided with a huge rise in deaths due to substance misuse. In fact, the Office of National Statistics reportedly put this rise at as high as a 10% overall increase.

It gets worse; when we sought to corroborate the Comet’s report with the ONS we came across more disturbing facts. Half of heroin and morphine related deaths in England are in seaside locations – but East Hertfordshire is considered to be one of those hotspots. The lack of treatment option in the area brought about by government cutbacks has seriously impacted public health.

Opioid addiction is also a big problem in Hertfordshire. Prescription painkillers are particularly easy to become addicted to because people don’t realise the strength of them, or they accidentally misuse them. When dealing with prescription medication it is important to follow the instructions. The BBC cites that some 24 million Opioids were prescribed in Britain in 2017 alone. The equivalent of nearly 3,000 packs, every hour.

Hertfordshire County Council does offer a little support and advice for those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. They recommend that you seek help if violence is involved, that you talk to your local Jobcentre Plus office for career advice, and that you seek out local charities to help you’re your recovery. It is clear that more needs to be done to help those suffering from addiction in Hertfordshire to get more help, sooner. The Farm Dayhab Clinic can help.

If you think you need help from an accessible, affordable, and adaptable dayhab program like ours – contact us today. Rehabilitation from addiction is well within your grasp. All you need to do is take the first step and reach out!

Addictions are Difficult to Face Alone.

Recovering from an addiction is one of the most difficult things you will ever do in your life. When the addiction has you in its grip you need all of the help and support you can get to fight it. Even those that have no family or close friends can count on their local rehab centre to help. If you happen to live in the Hertfordshire area then The Farm is your local dayhab centre… which is just like rehab but with the added bonus of fitting in around your schedule.

Besides anything else, studies show that those trying to recover with the aid of peer support are much more likely to succeed than those who don’t. Peer support, like that provided through group therapy, can be found at The Farm Dayhab centre. It is treatments like this that can be moulded around your day. There is no reason why you should miss out on the benefits of peer support simply because you work or have other priorities during the evening.

Statistically speaking, we know that you are much more likely to slip back into old habits within the first 60 days of coming off drugs. To this end, we provide tailored support programs for up to 12 months after your treatment finishes or your recovery is considered ‘complete’. Lots of people need this on-going support to stay off drugs or alcohol, and The Farm can provide it by the shovel load!

The Benefits of Dayhab

Dayhab makes sense! For those of us who have fallen victim to addiction but that still manage to hold down a full time job – Dayhab allows you to come and go after work, before work, or at evenings and weekends. When you choose to recover from alcohol abuse with the help of a dayhab centre, you are able to fit recovery in around your own schedule – no matter what that schedule may be.

Some of the other benefits of dayhab at The Farm include:

  • Dayhab offers a new way to treat old addictions. They provide out-of-ordinary-hours services that allow recovering addicts to access more help.[i]
  • They are often more affordable than checking into rehab clinics ‘full time’.
  • The Farm is local to Hertfordshire residents, meaning you can get better without the stress of travelling.
  • Those with work and childcare commitments can fully tailor their support around their responsibilities.
  • Dayhab is essentially an outpatient rehabilitation scheme. You do not need to stay there overnight.
  • Dayhab allows clients to seek out help before an addiction takes a firm hold. If you suspect you are showing early symptoms of addiction then call us today, on 0203 960 8689.
  • When you are involved in local dayhab you have better access to your support network.
  • You get all the same therapy and educational benefits that you would get from a full time, residential rehab clinic in Hertfordshire.
  • There is no transition period where you need to slide back into your life again. When you use a dayhab centre you come and go as you please. This means less of a ‘transition’ back into normal life.
  • Dayhab is also frequently used by those that want to ease themselves back into the real world, after time spent in residential rehab.

So as you can see, dayhab is a hugely useful tool in your arsenal of weapons for fighting back against addiction and psychological disorders.

What are the signs and symptoms of an Addiction?

If you think you or your loved one is suffering from an addiction then it is important to get help. If you explain what your symptoms are to your local GP they will be able to ascertain how addicted you are. In the meantime, we put together a short list of the more common symptoms of addiction, for those that need more immediate attention.

Some common signs of addiction are:

  • The main sign of addiction is that a person must have their substance of choice above all other reasoning.
  • Addiction occurs when a person causes themselves harm from the over indulgence of a particular substance.
  • Powerful cravings are one of the main symptoms of an addiction.
  • These cravings will start from the moment the addict wakes in the morning. If you can wake up and take a drink for breakfast then you are likely addicted to alcohol.
  • You can read more about the symptoms of addiction that Dayhab centres can treat by visiting Medical News Today.

The Farm’s Rural Dayhab Care Clinic in Hertfordshire Makes Recovery Possible!

Did you know The Farm is the proud winner of the Hertfordshire Care Awards, 2019? That’s how committed we are to providing you with the best care. There are loads of ways we offer help for addictions and psychological disorders.

At The Farm, we can provide a range of supportive treatments, all aimed at helping you recover from addiction. We support emotional disorders through our 28 Dayhab recovery programme. This programme includes an initial assessment with our consultant psychiatrist, 28 days’ worth of 90 minute group therapy sessions to provide your peer support, and weekly family support sessions (among other helpful sessions and aids) to get you back to healthy!

Asides the Dayhab programme we also offer a Stable Living Programme. This programme is ideal for those that cannot commit to the full 28 day schedule, that are already well on the path to recovery form addiction, or that have already done the Dayhab programme.  The Stable Living Programme provides you with 10 of the aforementioned group therapy sessions, as well as a year’s worth of aftercare and support.

We do not provide Alcohol and Drug Detox at The Farm. We can, however, recommend or refer you on to reputable places that can.

As an added extra, we also provide support to family members or friends who are in your support network. We understand that addiction isn’t just difficult for you – and we want to help. Have your friends or family stop by with you for a session or two and we will be sure to take care of them, here at The Farm.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Recovery is well within your grasp when you choose Dayhab. Together we can get your free of addiction, one day at a time.