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    Watford Dayhab – Drug & Alcohol Addiction Outpatient Treatment

Dayhab: Watford Based Rehab at the Farm

If you live in Watford then recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is possible. With help from Dayhab at The Farm, you will be able to attend normal rehab services, outside of normal hours. This means you don’t need to give up your job to get better. If you are suffering from an addiction, still holding down your job, and live in Watford – then listen up! We have the Dayhab outpatient service you need.

The Farm has been specially designed to help those struggling from addiction that can’t commit to residential rehab. We can help you recover from a range of life problems. Some of these include:

  • Recovery from Emotional Disorders – dayhab can help counsel you through your condition.
  • Recovery from Substance Abuse – drug addiction is an unvoiced issue in Watford; seek help with dayhab treatment at The Farm.
  • Counselling is offered, as a treatment to help you recover from an alcohol addiction, or to deal with an emotional issue.
  • Alcohol addictions – The Farm can help with all types of substance abuse problems – but alcohol addiction is one of the most common things we see.
  • Outpatient treatment for prescription drug addictions – when you visit The Farm you do not need to stay overnight.
  • Intensive Psychotherapy treatment – to help you get better, no matter what addiction you are facing.

The Farm is based in Radlett, very near to Watford. Our Radlett based dayhab clinic is able to fit into your life as you need it. If you thought recovery would mean an extended period of time off work, a few weeks closeted away in a rehab clinic, or no opportunities to raise your young family – then think again.

When you recover with The Farm, you can fit our dayhab clinic around your life. This means you can drop in and get the help you need, as you need it. It also means you are free to leave and return again, whenever you like.

If you need urgent dayhab help then contact us right away. We are waiting to help your recovery and one of our specialists can guide you towards rehabilitation solutions that fit around your life. You can reach The Farm by calling 0203 960 8689. Don’t wait. Help is only a simple call away.

Drug and Alcohol Dayhab in Watford

Our sole aim is to make recovery and freedom from addiction available to everyone. While drug and alcohol abuse are huge problems throughout the country, Watford has seen a particular spike in recent years. This is bad news for everyone in the area.

According to Plumplot; the Watford crime rate is already at 113% by comparison to the national average. There are 32 crimes committed here per thousand workday people. This might not seem too drastic a figure but it is higher than we would expect. Worse, of all these crimes, drug crime features a solid 2.9%.

In 2018, local newspaper the Watford Observer reported that drug crime had increased by a full third. They cited a report by the Office of National Statistics, which claimed 497 drug related crimes in a one year period. This number has only gotten worse. If you take a look at UK Crime Stats you can see that the average number of drug crimes in Watford falls between 30 and 50 all throughout 2019. That’s a lot of crime committed by a lot of addicts… The Farm can help you beat your addiction to stop you becoming one of these statistics.

As we live in a country covered by a National Health Service; you can still get help towards the costs of rehab. Hertfordshire County Council also provide limited support of their own. You can find advice and support from them by visiting their website. The NHS also provide clear guidelines to help recover from addiction, here.

We would advise that you seek further support via our dayhab clinic in Radlett. If you need urgent care please contact us straight away, on 0203 960 8689. We are already waiting to help.

Addictions are Tough to Tackle

Particularly for those that don’t have an established support network of their own. There are many of us who are suffering from alcohol and drug addiction, or emotional disorders, who have nobody to help us through these trying times. Some people have just moved to the Watford area and know nobody here. That is what makes dayhab such an essential part of recovery.

Studies have shown that those who have multiple sources of support have more chance of successful recoveries from any type of substance abuse. There is a direct link between your ability to recover by yourself, and your ability to recover with the help of others. The Farm dayhab clinic is able to provide a support network for those that lack one of their own. Although family and friends are an ideal solution, peer support from those suffering similar problems to you can be just as effective.

Speaking of peers – we also offer weekly support sessions for those closest to you. We understand that addiction and recovery are hard on the whole family. If you have people to support you then let us help support them. When you come to The Farm for help we provide the complete package, should you need it!

Recovery from addiction is most likely to falter within the first sixty days[i]. We know this; so our programs all include a full year’s worth of after care. Whether you come to us from Watford for our 28 Dayhab program or whether you just want to top up your recovery with our Stable Living Program: it doesn’t matter. We will provide you with a year’s worth of aftercare, so you don’t slip back into your old habits.

The Benefits of Dayhab in Watford

Getting Dayhab, instead of going to rehab for drug addiction, means you get access to a range of benefits. Some of the best benefits of dayhab include:

  • Dayhab is outpatient rehabilitation – dayhab is almost the same as rehab. The one exception is that you can come and go as you please.
  • Dayhab works in your time – because you can come and go, you can hold down your job, maintain normal family life, or generally keep up appearances, as you recover.
  • Dayhab makes rehab possible for everyone, regardless of their lifestyle, work, or childcare commitments.
  • When you come to The Farm for dayhab you get a full year’s worth of support after your recovery!
  • The Farm is local to those living in Watford, meaning you don’t even have to travel far to get better from alcohol addiction.
  • Dayhab has all of the same therapies, counsellors, and treatments that you will find in rehab – but you can do it after you finish work!
  • Dayhab negates the transition period – you will be able to counter your cravings in real life situations, right from the outset.
  • You can use dayhab to ‘top-up’ your rehab treatment.
  • You can even use dayhab as a taster session to see if full residential rehab is right for you.

If any of those benefits sound good to you, or if you think you need help immediately, then contact us today on 0203 960 8689. Help is only a phone call away.

The Farm’s Rural Dayhab Care Clinic in Hertfordshire Makes Recovery Possible!

The Farm specialise in rural dayhab care, local to you. As well as fitting in to your day, our services can be broken down into a number of programs, each one tailored to a different group.

We can help you recover from addiction using our 28 dayhab recovery program. This particular course allows you to get free of addiction with our aid. You will see a consultant psychiatrist who will determine your next steps. From there, you will have full access to group therapy, counselling one-on-one, recovery based treatments and even familial support!

If a full rehab program is too much for you then you may wish to invest in our Stable Living Program. This course of treatment is for those who are not sure about full time rehab yet, or for those who want to freshen up past treatments. Stable Living in Watford includes 10 group therapy sessions, aftercare, support, and anything else you need to stay free from addiction. This service also includes family sessions.

Addiction can be hard on everyone. Your entire support network will feel the strain as you recover. This shouldn’t be an obstacle to recovery though, so we at the Farm take extra special care to ensure your loved ones are supported.

If you feel that dayhab may be right for you, and if you are a resident in the Watford area, then we urge you to get in touch. Hertfordshire drug statistics may be bleak – but together we can break free from the pattern and get you back to full health. Addiction isn’t a life sentence any more. We have the resources you need to help get you clean – and keep you clean, for good.

Contact us today on 0203 960 8689 for a risk-free consultation. We can have a chat, discuss the possibilities, and see if we can get your life back. All it takes is a phone call. It doesn’t get any easier than that.