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    St. Albans Dayhab – Drug & Alcohol Addiction Outpatient Treatment

St. Albans Based Dayhab at the Farm

Here at the Farm, we represent one of the very first dayhab clinics in the UK. A dayhab clinic provides similar treatments, therapies, and support groups that you might find at a rehab clinic – but it does so by seeing patients who can go home at night.

When you choose to recover from a drug or alcohol addiction using dayhab you do so as an outpatient. You are free to leave whenever you like. This makes recovery possible for the claustrophobic, as well as for those who cannot afford to take a full month out of their life to go through full time, residential rehab.

We help care for those who are addicted to prescription drugs, who are in need of help to combat emotional disorders, or who are addicted to alcohol and/or narcotics. We combat a whole range of issues through our outpatient dayhab centre, some of which are listed below.

We provide the following types of support for addiction and emotional disorders:

  • Counselling through either your emotional disorder, or to help you through the worst aspects of your addiction. Studies have shown that the root of addiction can be found in past trauma. It may drive better success with recovery if these problems are dealt with.
  • One-On-One, Family, and group therapy sessions, all aimed at supporting both you and your loved ones through this trying time.
  • A year’s worth of aftercare, whether you pick our 28 Dayhab program or our Stable Living program. When you choose to recover at the Farm you receive a full year’s worth of support so you can get off alcohol for good – and all as an outpatient!
  • A psychological toolkit of thinking methods that will arm you against cravings. We teach you how to fight cravings alone, in the real world, so that you can start managing your own recovery.
  • No transition period – at the Farm there is no transition period. You can start resisting cravings in the real world, from day one. Since you are an outpatient and there is no ‘residential’ aspect to your stay, you can continue life as normal. This means you can continue with commitments and get on with your life, all while recovering from addiction.

If you think you need urgent help to recover from an emotional or physical addiction, then contact us today. We can get you the help you need, or we can refer you to our partners, who can get you further help. Call us now on 0203 960 8689 if today is the time to get better.

Drug and Alcohol Recovery in St. Albans Dayhab Care

St. Albans is a lovely area to live – but that doesn’t mean that it is drug or alcohol free. In fact, Police UK reported 135 crimes related to drugs in this area of Hertfordshire alone. Although these crimes were not necessarily caused by drug addicts, the fact they were committed at all shows us evidence of ‘drug gangs’ in St. Albans.

It’s not all bad news. St. Albans City and District Council report that overall, drug possession is down 16% in the last year.That being said; as recently as November last year four people were jailed for running a drugs ring in St. Albans. The major narcotic they were supplying was Cocaine.Herts Police reported that the four individuals were all in their thirties.

According to further reports from the Office of National Statistics, some 77,000 people received treatment for alcohol abuse in the last year. This is a UK wide problem, evident in every town and city. St. Albans is no exception.

Cocaine and its Impact on Communities

The same document that outlines the numbers of people seeking help for alcohol abuse also outlines the use of cocaine. For two years in a row the numbers have risen. Cocaine, and its use in conjunction with opiates, is a steadily increasing problem throughout the UK. Some 32% of all those that have sought help recovering from addiction have used cocaine.

Social use of this so-called ‘party drug’ has become so normal that newspapers like the Sun have put out warning articles. This one, outlining when a social problem turns into an addiction, is a good example. Another horrendous example of what cocaine does to communities can be found in this description of St. Albans, as told by a teenager living in the poorer areas.

It’s terrifying. If you want to get off cocaine for good, then we can help. Contact our Radlett based rural dayhab clinic on 0203 960 8689 today for some free guidance.

The Benefits of Dayhab in St. Albans

There are multiple benefits to having a Dayhab clinic near to your home. As well as being able to receive treatment in a friendly environment local to you, there are other pluses to having dayhab so close to home. Some of our favourites are:

  • The lack of transition period – when you receive outpatient care you don’t need to check in. this means you are able to apply your coping technique to the real world in a positive, healthy way from the outset.
  • Substance abuse problems in the community are treated within the community.
  • Dayhab as an outpatient is often more affordable than full time, residential rehab clinics.
  • Outpatient treatments mean our clients can go about their lives with minimal interruption to prior commitments.

Keeping rehabilitation within the community cuts down on travel costs, as well as care costs. It is our aim to provide high-end, outpatient rehabilitation at our dayhab centre. We want to bring this to the heart of the community to better equip St. Albans in the war on drugs.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Addiction?

Do you suspect you might have an addiction? Is someone you love struggling to overcome addiction? Does alcohol abuse take over everything in your life? If so then seek help. The NHS provides limited care, but you can contact us today for a free assessment. Book an appointment now to make recovery possible.

What are the signs or symptoms that someone you know is addicted? If they are taking drugs or drinking recreationally then they are at risk. People who take prescription medications are also at risk. Signs you should look out for include physical symptoms of withdrawal, hiding their drinking or drug taking, or borrowing money to buy more of their substance of choice on a regular basis.

Someone who is addicted may show outward symptoms of withdrawal when they are unable to get to their substance of choice. These symptoms can include sweating, shaking, vomiting and nausea, headaches, and other physical signs, depending upon the addiction in question. For example: a smoker trying to quit will always feel a shortness of breath that a cigarette would take away. A heroin addict is unlikely to feel this symptom but may feel like their skin is itching[i] all over instead.

One sign that all addicts have in common is that they cannot get enough of their particular poison. If they are addicted to pain killers they will keep returning for more, even although the pain has long since passed. If they are addicted to alcohol in St. Albans, they will continue to drink long past the point of having too much.

Indeed, an addict’s cognitive ability to perceive that they have had enough his often impaired. This can be a sign within itself. The Farm rural dayhab clinic exists to help.

The Farm Rural Dayhab Clinic Can Help You Make A Full Recovery

Here at the Farm, we want nothing more than to help you make a full recovery, in your own time. We will be with you every step of the way; whether you are well on the way to wellness, or whether you are just taking the first few steps.

We offer support for either end of the spectrum through our specially trained staff, all of whom are capable of dealing with the lowest lows of your addiction. Contacting us now can help start your journey to recovery.

Choose from our 28 Dayhab program and our Stable Living Program. The first gives you full support and all the tools you need to get off, and stay off, drugs, alcohol, or any substance or physical addiction. Best of all, we give you the tools to do so in your normal life, as an outpatient at our Radlett facility.

When you choose to recover with our 28 Dayhab Program you will be treated to 28 group therapy sessions, one-on-one sessions with a specialised Psychotherapist, weekly family support sessions, and any number of classes, therapies and workshops, all aimed at supporting you back to good health.

When you attend for your Stable Living program you receive most of the same benefits, but in a less intensive way. This program has been devised for those that are already well but want to refresh their ability to deal with cravings. The Stable Living Program helps to avoid relapsing back into your old ways. It can also be used as a transition to ease the process of moving from full time residential rehab back into the real world.

Whatever your needs for dayhab, contact us today to start your journey to recovery as an outpatient. Our number is 0203 960 8689. Whatever your emotional disorder, whatever your addiction, if you live in St. Albans and you need us? We are here to help.