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    London Dayhab – Drug & Alcohol Addiction Outpatient Treatment

The Farm Dayhab Centre, Rural Recovery for the London Area

If you live in London but need to get away for dayhab, then we are the facility for you. Our rural dayhab clinic can treat you as an outpatient, right in the heart of the English countryside. In just a short train journey, you could be experiencing real life rehabilitation, without having to stay after hours. When you choose dayhab instead of rehab, you get to go home at night.

As well as having all of the same perks as a regular, full time rehab facility, a dayhab unit allows you to get off alcohol or drugs, in your own time. It lets you receive the support you need to get back on your feet after addiction.

Since the Farm has so many high-end therapies on offer, we are also the best rural dayhab centre for those suffering from an emotional disorder. If you have a dependency or need help tackling addiction in the London area – we are the Dayhab facility for you.

If you think you are ready to start your journey to recovery, contact us today. You can reach us on 0203 960 8689. We provide tailored, upscale support for our clients. We want your journey back to full health to be as smooth as possible – without you having to go into full time residential care.

The Benefits of Rural Dayhab near London

When you go to a dayhab centre, you are given a number of advantages to help you recover from drug or alcohol addictions. When you choose a rural centre, there are even more benefits. Some of our favourite reasons for choosing outpatient dayhab care include:

  • Dayhab care at the Farm means recovering surrounded by the peace and calm of open meadows and greenery. Visiting the Farm takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city, to a place of calm and peace. You will associate coming to us with those same feelings, which you will carry with you into your recovery.
  • Rural dayhab at the Farm has all the same therapies as you find elsewhere – and more. We are fully qualified to treat a greater range of conditions than other local dayhab clinics. We cover everything from CBT to Motivational Interviewing. Our aim is for psychological disorders, emotional problems, and addictions to all be treated under one roof.
  • Family Support – we know that the road to recovery is fraught with emotions. We also appreciate that those who love you are the ones who suffer most as you recover. When you get off alcohol with the Farm, we run weekly family counselling sessions, to help heal your family, too.
  • High-end aftercare – in either of our programs you will receive a years’ worth of aftercare. This means support while you are out in the real world, getting on with your life. We want you to get off – then stay off – drugs. Sometimes we all feel the pull of cravings but here at the Farm, we’re here for you.
  • Recover in Real Life – when you choose dayhab instead of full-time rehab, you start your recovery in real life. Treated as an outpatient; you are free to come and go as you please. This means you are able to hold down your duties and responsibilities, job, and family life, all while you recover. It also allows you to get off drink and drugs while living your life.
  • There is no transition – because you are still living life as normal, there is no transition period with outpatient dayhab. You start applying what you learn to recover from the first day. It makes things easier, in the long run.

If you think you need our specialist care to give you the best chance at getting off drink or packing in drugs – call us today. The Farm can be found in rural Radlett and can be reached on 0203 960 8689. We are ready and waiting to make your recovery possible.

How Bad is Addiction in London?

How big a problem are addictions in London, anyway? Besides substance abuse such as drugs and alcohol, other addictions are becoming more and more common. Gambling and sex addictions, video game addictions, and other psychological problems are all on the rise.

The Evening Standard recently conducted a report about the frequency of addictions in London and found that only 10% recognised it and sought help. This means that even although the NHS report 7,545 hospital admissions for drug-related reasons in 2018 – this is only a fraction of the real problem. It is perfectly feasible that you could endure an addiction for years and never be hospitalised or seek help for it. Many addictions in London go undiagnosed. That being said; headlines in the area can often give us a clue.

Everyone will be aware of the recent spate in knife crime in London. It is theorised that drug gangs are encouraging violence. In one report, drug dealers are reputedly dealing and consuming drugs openly in the streets of London. This, combined with less police officers in London than there have been for more than twenty years, has led to an epidemic.

The Metropolitan Police website for all of the areas (that’s North London, South London, East London and west London, as they divide it) presents a terrifying picture. While local police post information on successfully completed cases, they give a horrendous overview of a drug-filled London underworld, barely bothering to hide anymore.

In one report a man was found with more than a million pounds of drugs on his person. In another, two men were successfully taken to court over the largest land seizure of cocaine by any police force in the UK. Cocaine, as we know, represents the second most widely used drug in the UK after cannabis[i]. It would seem that more than a little of it is finding its way into London.

While we know that the presence of drugs, and the presence of drug crime, is not necessarily indicative of addiction; we also know that the presence of drugs opens the doors to those addictions. Cocaine is highly addictive. It is made from one of the most powerful natural stimulants known[ii]. If you use it regularly even a few times, that can be enough to get you hooked.

As bad as it is for your health, it is also bad for your pocket. The Sun newspaper once tweeted a spreadsheet with cocaine dealers names and numbers on them. The most expensive is reportedly £180 for an eighth of an ounce. If you were addicted to cocaine you could snort that in a day. Cocaine use in London is expensive, as well as highly addictive.

Alcohol Addiction in London

Of all the addictions that our London-based clients suffer from in dayhab, alcohol is themost common. Along with smoking, alcohol is a legal addiction that is easily appeased, provided you are over18. The government is not ignorant to this problem. Every year, the London powers that be publish a compendium of alcohol data. The report for 2018 was frightening.

In it, we discovered that:

  • More than half of all London adults didn’t go more than a week between drinks.
  • There were over 5,500 deaths directly because of alcohol, in England, in 2016.
  • Affordability and the practice of drinking among school children are partially blamed for the large numbers.
  • You can get help through the NHS, but that the treatment received is often mediocre, with lengthy wait times.

London has long since had a problem with alcoholism. As long ago as 2015, one BBC report shows drinkers resorting to alcohol hand lotions, stolen from London hospitals. If you feel you might be in danger, then don’t resort to this. Addiction recovery is at hand, when you choose rural dayhab care.

If you need urgent help for a drink problem in London, don’t wait. Call the Farm today on 0203 960 8689 to get off alcohol.

The Farm: Get Help for Addictions, Emotional Disorders, and Dependencies, Today

The Farm provides high end, top-tier care for those struggling against substance abuse. We want you to have the best chance at getting off alcohol, quitting drugs, or giving up gambling. We treat eating disorders, emotional problems, and other addictions. We do so with a range of tailored, upscale treatments that focus on patient care.

Choose from our 28 Dayhab program which supports you through the first few stages of recovery; and our Stable Living program, which supports those who are already recovered – but are struggling against triggers. We not only get you into a better life position – but we help you stay there, whenever you need it.

Our sophisticated mixture of extensive, intensive therapies, workshops, assignment groups, and aftercare, all work together to make as fool-proof a system as we possibly can. Best of all, when you choose dayhab at the Farm, you can recover in your own time, in the peace and quiet of the beautiful English countryside.

So if you live in London, and you are ready to recover, we are here for you.

0203 960 86869.

A phone call might be all it takes to change your life.