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    Surrey Dayhab – Drug & Alcohol Addiction Outpatient Treatment

The Farm – Providing Recovery Support Throughout Surrey

If you live in the Surrey area and want to get off alcohol or stop taking drugs, then the Farm can help. We are an exemplary dayhab facility which allows our clients the freedom to recover – without the restrictions of full-time residential rehab. We believe that commitments shouldn’t hold you back on your path to recovery. When you choose dayhab, you are able to manage your commitments alongside getting better… so everyone can recover, in their own time, at the Farm.

Our rural dayhab centre just outside Surrey county, in Radlett. The grounds we use have been specially chosen for their rural, green, relaxing location. It is far easier to recover from drug or alcohol abuse while you are surrounded by the wonders of nature! Here at the Farm we also provide high-end support for those that are suffering from emotional disorders. We do this by providing intensive, specialised therapies that were designed to combat both drug abuse and disorders like BPD.

If you feel like the Farm is just what you need to help you then we want to hear from you. If you need urgent help, then call us right now. We do not offer detox but can refer you to someone who does. After this, you can return to the Farm and partake in one of our wellness programs. Your recovery is important to us, so we will try to facilitate all your needs from one central location.

If you urgently need help, then call 0203 960 8689. We will forgive you for not reading any further if you have already decided it is time to get better. We have a dedicated recovery team that are already waiting by the phones. Use them.

Why Choose Dayhab?

If you have decided you want to hang up your hook-ups for good, then look no further. We will help you to get off – and stay off – the substance or action you are abusing. We cover all sorts of addictions and emotional disorders here at the Farm, so if you think we cannot help you – think again!

Some people ask us what the difference is between a dayhab clinic and a rehab clinic. The truth is that there are loads of differences and each of them represents a reason why clients come to us, instead of going to rehab. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Dayhab is essentially outpatient rehab. We have all of the same facilities, tips and tricks that will get you safely off drugs, but we also let you go home at night.
  • Help from home is the second biggest benefit of dayhab. You can still maintain your familial responsibilities or hold down a full-time job while you are in dayhab. In rehab, you will need to stop all of this for a full month.
  • With Dayhab you can start tackling addictions before they take over your life. If you think you are in danger of temptation, simply enlist yourself in our Stable Living Program. This program teaches you all the tools you need to be able to fight back before you get hooked.
  • There is no transition period when you choose dayhab instead of rehab clinics. This is because you start learning how to apply your newly learned tools in real world situations, from day one.
  • You are able to live at home, with your family, instead of ‘checking in’ for a full 28-day
  • The Farm dayhab facility is locally located just outside of Surrey.
  • You are able to hold down a full-time job, take care of your children, or otherwise live your life as normal.

That’s not all, either. There are a number of benefits to choosing the Farm’s rural dayhab centre in particular. For example, we give each of our clients a full year’s worth of aftercare when they heal with us. This is a huge help in relapse prevention and gives you the benefits associated with knowing you are not alone.

If you think the Farm can provide the dayhab care you need then contact us today to book a free assessment. You can also call us, on 0203 960 8689, if you need free, impartial guidance on getting off alcohol. Our professional, highly skilled staff members are ready and waiting for your call.

Drug Use in Surrey

Many of us move to an area like Surrey because we feel it is calm and quiet. It is outside of the city, therefor it is less likely to have high crime rates. While this might be true, it does not mean that you will not find any drug or alcohol-based crime here. We took a look at the statistics and even Surrey isn’t safe from the dangers of drugs.

Unfortunately, Surrey has some very serious statistics that nobody wants to witness. On average, this county sees between 200-300 drug crimes committed – every month! This is way higher than the national average and reflects poorly on the area. Not to mention that it suggests the presence of drug rings operating in the area. You can view the full statistics for yourself by following this link.

Surrey Police recorded a total of 2,608 drug crimes in Surrey between November 2018 and November 2019. In fact, as recently as November 2019 they charged a man for possessing 40 ‘wraps’ (or hits) of crack cocaine. The man received seven years in jail after the 2-17 raid. The scariest part of this story is that he must have bought that cocaine from somewhere. We can say without doubt that there are drugs getting into Surrey. Drugs coming into the area means a higher chance of addiction, more crime, and a less safe area to raise your children.

Drug crime in Surrey is actually so prevalent that Surrey Live have an article all about it. They name the top ten most outrageous Surrey drug crimes – almost as if it were a joke. This shameless attempt at clickbait is only outdone by the crimes contained within. In one story, a teenager was kidnapped and tortured by a drug gang. In another, a local gym owner was found to be a drug dealer in disguise… the number of drugs in Surrey is truly shocking.

Alcohol Use in Surrey

Alcohol is barely any better. Although legal, the number of cases of alcohol abuse in Surrey has been rising alongside the national average. With services such as Booze-Up offering 24 hour delivery services of alcohol, this is a problem which doesn’t stand to get any better in the future. In fact, substance misuse in Surrey has become such a huge issue that the Government have started issuing their own guidance. You can read what Surrey county have to say about addiction not alcohol by following this link.

Back in March, the leader of the local Surrey county council announced that Surrey had a ‘huge’ alcohol problem. This came hot on the heels of a new plan to tackle drug misuse in the county. Critics say it doesn’t do enough to tackle alcoholism. Given that alcohol is both legal and readily available, some of the 1.1 million people who live in Surrey are bound to be affected.

Even Eagle Radio have weighed in on the reporting of alcoholism. They argue that the population of alcoholics aren’t the only ones suffering. It is their families, their friends, and those that support them. It is worth mentioning here that the Farm dayhab facility offers weekly support sessions for your family, should you become a client. We understand the toll addiction can take on your support network and we are there for them, as well as for you.

If you live in Surrey and want to get local help, then call the Farm today. Our dayhab facility is able to help you over the first few steps, dealing with the hurdles to recovery so that it doesn’t seem quite so impossible as it once did. You can call us today on 0203 960 8689 if you feel you want to start your journey to wellness.

The Farm: Recovery Made Easier

You can recover with the Farm no matter which stage you are at. We offer a full 28 Dayhab Program that helps those who have only just gone through detox to manage their lives as a sober person. We also offer tailored support for those suffering various emotional disorders using the same therapies.

When you choose the 28 Dayhab program you will be subject to regular sessions with a psychotherapist, family sessions, and ongoing alumni support should you wish it. You will also have full telephone support and a years’ worth of aftercare. On top of all of this you also get all the therapies, group support, and workshops that you need to get you on the right path.

When you come to us because your triggers are flaring up, even when you are already in recovery, we have a tailored program that was designed specifically for you. We want you to stay well, and the best way to do that is to get in touch and top up the skills you already use to stay sober.

So whether you are just beginning your journey to wellness, or whether you are well on your way: The Farm dayhab facility has something to suit your needs. Call us today on 0203 960 8689 to book your assessment. Recovery starts with a single phone call… and it may even start right now.