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    Bushey Dayhab – Drug & Alcohol Addiction Outpatient Treatment

Getting Help for Addiction in Bushey

If you live in or around the Bushey area and need help with addiction problems, then we can help. The Farm is your local dayhab facility, capable of getting you off alcohol or drugs, for good! We serve clients throughout Hertsmere and Hertfordshire, with the express intention of helping them deal with addiction and emotional disorders. Since we use intensive therapies to cure addictions, we are also able to offer treatment for a huge array of other issues, that other facilities cannot.

The types of thing you can expect help with here at the Farm include:

  • Alcohol addiction – by far one of the things we come across most often in the Bushey area, alcohol addiction needn’t be a death sentence when you seek help from the Farm.
  • Illicit Drug Addiction – a number of drugs available on the black market are highly addictive. Cocaine, heroin and opiate addictions are some of the most common in the UK.
  • Prescription Drug Addiction – it is equally as likely that you will develop an addiction to prescription drugs. Certain drugs are very addictive, and, in some cases, the drugs have not been tested over a number of years. This can lead to additional problems, as well as an addiction issue.
  • Emotional Disorders – our highly skilled psychotherapy team are able to cater for a range of emotional disorders. From emotional dependencies to personality disorders – all can be seen at the Farm.
  • Mental Health Problems – our high-end treatments contain intensive therapies which can help treat mental health problems. If you are not sure whether the Farm treats your condition or not then contact us for a free assessment and find out!

Before we go any further, we like to catch those who are here for more urgent help. If you feel that you want to get off alcohol today, or if you think that your condition needs urgent help, then contact us today, by phone. You can reach the Farm’s rural dayhab centre on 0203 960 8689.

Drug Addiction in Bushey

In case you are thinking that drug and alcohol addiction isn’t a problem in Bushey; we took a more in-depth look. Hertfordshire Police have recorded that there were 53 drug related crimes in the area of Bushey, between November 2018 and November 2019. Although drug crime is not necessarily indicative of those that are addicted – it does tell us that there is a problem with drugs. Perhaps more of a problem than the residents believe.

In January 2018, the Watford Observer reported on one man who had been caught with both cocaine and a knuckle duster in his car. The man in question told police that the knuckle duster was a paperweight. He had no way of explaining away either the cocaine or the amphetamines, though. Evidently, cocaine has a long history in Bushey. We found one article in the Essex County Standard from 1999. More than 20 years ago, police were conducting 11 million-pound raids in the area.

Perhaps more distressing is the account of a heroin dealer in the area. This particular dealer was caught in November of 2019, at just 19 years of age. Worryingly, this was not their first offence and they had been known to the police since the age of 13. My News Mag reported that he was ultimately sent to jail in spite of his age. It is terrifying to think that these things are happening within the Bushey community… but at least we at the Farm are providing relief.

Alcohol Addiction in Bushey

Alcohol addiction provides a similar story. You may not appreciate how bad the problem is because alcoholics and drug addicts do tend to hide their behaviour. One of the first things we noticed during our research was that Bushey and Hertfordshire are home to some of the growing trend in alcohol delivery sites[i]. You can have alcohol delivered to your Bushey home at any time of the day or night, providing you order within the legal hours. This service is worrying at best.

While Scotland seems to be leading the way with the minimum unit pricing in alcohol sales, Bushey has no such fall back. Alcohol is more readily available than it ever has been before. In the UK, you can get married before you are legally allowed to drink. This seems to encourage a culture regarding alcohol that is unhealthy on its best day.

Alcoholism isn’t just a health problem for those suffering from it, either. This article, in the Hertfordshire Observer, reports on one woman who was caught doing 20 MPH on the M25. When pulled over, the woman was 6 times the legal alcohol limit. Incidentally, the same article names another driver caught with ‘rolls of class A drugs. It is this type of irresponsible behaviour that will result in the death of other drivers and passengers, should it be left unchecked.

What to Do About It?

While the NHS and Hertfordshire County Council both offer their own set of guidelines as to what to do if you are suffering from addiction; they don’t include a lot of information. Both drug and alcohol addicts need extra support to recover and that cannot come from anywhere other than rehabilitation. So why choose dayhab instead of rehab? Here are some of the benefits of making that alternative choice.

The Benefits of Dayhab

Some of the best benefits of Dayhab in Bushey include:

  • No Transition – if you go into rehab clinics there is a transition period from the time you emerge, to the time you are settled back at home again. During this time, you will be working hard to apply the tools you learned in rehab to your real life. When you go to dayhab instead, you lose the need to ‘transition’ back into real life. You start applying the tools you learn, to your addiction, straight away.
  • Hours to Suit You – Dayhab facilities offer an out-of-hours service that you don’t get at rehab. You can come and go as you please, meaning you can get treatment for your emotional problems at a time that suits you.
  • No Overnight Stays –You can fit your recovery, therapies, and group sessions, in around your day. When you choose dayhab you will not need to stay over and can go home to your family, whenever you want to.
  • Balance your Responsibilities – when you choose dayhab you can still hold down a job, take care of your family, or manage other commitments. Dayhab takes a few hours out of each day – but you are not sequestered away from plain sight to recover.
  • Manage your Triggers – Dayhab at the Farm includes two options. You can choose to get well using our 28 Dayhab Program which mixes intensive therapy with workshops, peer support, and assignment groups. If not, you can choose our Stable Living program. This program is targeted at those who are already well into their recovery, but that want to ‘top-up’ their toolbox or stave off cravings.

As well as having all of these benefits, dayhab with the Farm includes more therapies than you might expect to find at a rehab clinic. Our focused team are dedicated to your betterment. So if you are suffering from an emotional disorder or dependency and want to recover – just call us. Our number is 0203 9608689 and we are ready and waiting to take your call.

How to Spot Addiction in a Loved One?

Suffering from an addiction is one thing – but watching a loved one descend into the depths of one is quite another. If you think that your loved one has a problem with drink or drugs, then look out for the following symptoms:

  • A drastic change in sleeping pattern – addicts struggle to sleep a full night through.
  • Hygiene issues – it is possible that an addicted partner will stop paying as much attention to personal hygiene as they have in the past.
  • Physical symptoms of injection, such as puncture marks, are one of the most obvious signs of addiction.
  • Hiding behaviour – if your partner hides how often they gamble, smoke, drink or take drugs from you, there is a chance they are addicted.
  • Drug Paraphernalia appearing around your home, such as cigarette papers, needles, or pipes.
  • Changes in mood, skin colour, and red, itching eyes can all be signs of amphetamine addiction.
  • If your partner can drink/gamble/take drugs first thing in the morning, then they may be an addict… Think of a smoker. The first action in the morning is to light a cigarette.

If you think your partner is suffering from addiction then call us today, on 0203 960 8689. Help is only a phone call away.

Dayhab care at the Farm, near Bushey

The Farm is based in Radlett, just outside of town. Having local dayhab care allows for less travelling for our clients, as well as less expense. We aim to provide our high-end therapies and services throughout the Hertfordshire area. Whether you are suffering from a drug addiction or whether you are addicted to alcohol – join us and we can help you to recover.

Contact us today. Recovery is possible when you have the Farm on your side.