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    Welwyn Garden City Dayhab – Drug & Alcohol Addiction Outpatient Treatment

Rural Dayhab Near Welwyn Garden City, at the Farm

Looking for rehab but can’t afford the time commitment? The Farm rural dayhab clinic can help you fit in recovery around your day. By keeping different hours from other rehab clinics, and by using an array of intense therapies, we are able to treat a mixture of emotional disorders and dependencies, as well as alcohol and drug addiction.

The Farm is non-residential. When you choose to recover from drug addiction with us you may come and go whenever you like. You still receive all the support of a full rehab experience – but you are able to live life as normal while you do so. Dayhab is a new way of getting off drink and drugs. It fits in around your schedule and you can find it in Radlett, local to Welwyn Garden City.

Some of the things we help with at the Farm include:

  • Prescription Drug Addiction – our skilled psychological team can help you tackle the psychological, and the physical, sides of addiction.
  • Narcotic Drug addictions – no matter what your substance of choice we can help you through recovery and withdrawal.
  • Gambling Addictions – our skilled psychotherapists can get to the root of your addictive behaviours, hopefully keeping them at bay, for good!
  • Emotional Disorders – whether it be anger management or addiction issues, we can help.
  • Dependency issues – if you feel you can’t break free from drink or drugs then let the Farm be your emotional support.
  • Family support – while you are recovering, we can even talk your family through the issues they face.

Here at the Farm, we deal with the broadest range of physiological and dependency-based disorders in the UK.

If you are looking for urgent care or support through dayhab, then contact us straight away. You can reach us by phone, on 0203 960 8689. Call now or contact us and don’t wait. Your recovery is waiting and will be ready when you are.

Drug and Alcohol Problems in Welwyn Garden City

If you haven’t lived in the area all of your life, then you probably moved to Welwyn Garden City because you thought it was a sleepy town with little-to-no-crime. You wouldn’t be far from the truth… but no place in Britain is free of the hold of drug crime. In Welwyn Garden City there were 22 crimes committed that were directly related to drugs. That’s comparatively low for the rest of Hertfordshire. In the grand scheme of things though, it’s still worrying.

Most alarmingly is the well-known local story of the ‘dangerous man’. This man was arrested at a hotel on the outskirts of town in June 2018. When police found him, he reportedly carried a bag of cocaine, a bag of money, and a homemade hand grenade. 22 crimes might be a low number – but the severity of the crime speaks for itself. You can read more about it courtesy of Herts police.

If you have moved to Welwyn Garden City to be away from the class A temptations found in greater London, then you are out of luck. Other reports have groups of people being arrested for drug offences and numerous substances being confiscated over the years. Don’t panic, though. The Hertfordshire Mercury have put together a guide to the safest areas of Welwyn Garden City. You can check it out by following this link… hopefully, your area is one marked as safest.

What Dayhab Courses Can You Take in Welwyn Garden City?

Our dayhab courses cover a range of different conditions by using a mixture of intensive therapies and real-life application. At the Farm in Radlett, you can contact us for any variety of issues. We have two main types of course, all aimed at helping you get free of drugs or get off alcohol.

The 28 Dayhab Program

This program allows you to get to the root of your addiction or condition, thoroughly dealing with the issues that led to your addictive patterns of behaviour. You will be given 4 1 on 1 sessions with a fully trained psychotherapist. You will also receive 28 group therapy sessions, each of which allows you to share your experience – and your burden – with others who are in a similar situation.

While you are on the 28 Dayhab program you will be able to take part in weekly family therapy sessions. There is also ongoing telephone support, should you feel weak throughout the day. Best of all: you will receive a full year’s worth of aftercare which allows you to access the therapies and workshops held at the Farm, without having to buy a full course again.

The 28 Dayhab Program does not include an initial detoxification. While this is sometimes necessary, and we can provide an initial assessment to see if it is needed for you – we cannot do it ourselves. We do have a partner who is able to take care of this end of rehabilitation for you. They are based at Help4Addiction and connect clients with rehab centres throughout the Welwyn Garden City area.

This program is ideal for those who want to give up drugs or alcohol for good. It is perfect for those that are suffering from a severe dependency, too. Those who are addicted to gambling, for example, might not have a substance to abuse; but the addiction is no less real or painful. We can help.

Call us now on 0203 960 8689 to start on your path to recovery.

The Stable Living Program

The Stable Living Program was designed by our experts and aims to cater to those already in recovery. Sometimes, the day-to-day struggles of staying sober become too much for us to cope with alone. In those times there is the Stable Living Program.

When clients from Welwyn Garden City come to us for this course it is usually to top up the tools they already have, to combat their addiction. Sometimes we see clients who have just finished residential rehab, but who need some sort of ‘bracer’ step in-between rehab and real life. The Stable Living program helps you apply what you learned in the rehab clinic to your real life, without fully letting you go it alone, just yet.

This revolutionary program includes 10 x 90-minute group therapy sessions. 4 x 1 on 1 meetings with a psychotherapist, weekly family support and a full year’s worth of aftercare. This program is ideal for those whose triggers are barraging them, even when they are well into recovery.

Call us now on 0203 960 8689 to start your treatment, today.

The Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

If someone you love has an addiction, then there is a good chance they will hide it from you. This is because an addiction is seen as a weakness in the personality, and the person probably feels a great amount of shame about ‘coming clean’. That being said; there are some ways to tell if someone is addicted when even they don’t know, themselves. Knowing these signs and symptoms can also be helpful in managing your own life.

So what should you look out for? If you think you might have an addiction, then check if you are doing these things:

  • Are you performing the actions, or using the substance, as soon as you wake up in the morning? Someone who is not addicted to alcohol would struggle to drink first thing… If you can (and routinely do) drink in the morning, then you may be addicted.
  • Are you hiding your substance use or actions? Do you gamble without telling people? Doyou drink a sneaky can on the way home from work? Do you take more drugs than you tell your friends? Then you may have an addiction.
  • Do you suffer symptoms of withdrawal? If you suffer from nausea, headaches, shakes, or foggy thinking without your substance or action, you might be suffering from an addition or emotional dependency.
  • Can you stop? Medical News Today cite one of the main ways to tell if you have an addiction or not, is to stop using the substance. If you find it difficult or impossible then you are probably addicted. Seek help immediately from your doctor if you are unsure.
  • Do you convince yourself or others that you use or take less than you do? A smoker will often say they smoke less in a day than they actually do… a sure sign of addiction.

If you think you, or someone you love, is suffering from addiction then you can contact us today for free, impartial advice. Whether you need extensive rehab but have a family to look after, or whether you just want to top up the skills you already have – the Farm dayhab clinic can help. Contact us now through our website or call us on 0203 960 8689 to start your recovery.

The Farm: Rural Dayhab for Welwyn Garden City Residents

So if you live in the Welwyn Garden City area and you need help to get off drink or drugs, we are the firm you need. Let the Farm provide you with a fully formed, action-focused support network, capable of supporting you through your recovery. From emotional disorders to dependencies; we can help… It all starts with a single phone call.