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    Barnet Dayhab – Drug & Alcohol Addiction Outpatient Treatment

The Farm: A Rural Dayhab Facility in Barnet, Hertfordshire

Dayhab has become the next best way to recover from drug and alcohol addictions in the UK. Using a dayhab facility instead of a rehab clinic allows you to get off drugs or alcohol – in your own time. Those who live in Barnet and want to get off alcohol have the best possible chance when they come to the Farm rural dayhab facility for help.

Instead of being sequestered away from the rest of society; clients who recover with dayhab clinics start their journey to sobriety out in the real world. Best of all; dayhab allows you to maintain the responsibilities you have fought so hard to achieve. The Farm provides this care on a rural facility in the Barnet area. Local service means giving back to the community… something we are proud to do.

If you feel you need urgent rehabilitation, or dayhab care, then you can contact us today on 0203 960 8689. If you do not have access to a telephone, then you can always visit us online to book a free assessment. The assessment will be used to determine your treatment program and give you the best advice as to how to proceed towards getting off alcohol or drugs.

Here at the Farm rural dayhab clinic we also take care of those suffering from emotional disorders. Our specially devised therapy sessions combined with our goal-orientated workshops all come together to drive your recovery. Get in touch now if you feel you need help.

Services We Provide at the Farm

Since we use a complex array of therapies to keep our clients off drugs; we can also treat a range of emotional disorders, here at the Farm. If you would like to go on a journey of self-improvement then we can help. We can also guide those suffering from personality and emotional disorders onto a better life path. Whatever your emotional guidance needs, the Farm have a qualified therapist, happy to operate on your behalf.

Our services include two main courses of treatment. We use both a 28 Dayhab Program to help those who are just beginning their recovery journey. Alternatively, we offer a 28-day Stable Living Program, aimed at those who are already on their path – but who need a little help managing their triggers.

The 28 Dayhab Program

Our specially devised 28 Dayhab Program is aimed at those that are just starting on their journey to recovery. Although it does not include detoxification, it does include everything else you could ever need to get off drink or drugs for good!

*If you do need detox services then we can still refer you to someone who can help! Don’t be put off; get in touch and we can let our partners over at Help4Addiction aid your detox process.*

Our 28 Dayhab Program incorporates a range of intensive therapies with workshops, group sessions, and more – all with the aim of your ultimate recovery. We also include weekly family support sessions in this dayhab program. We understand that addiction is hard on your family and support group, so we go out of our way to provide high-end therapies to ensure their mental wellness, too.

When you partake in the 28 Dayhab program you will be subject to daily 90-minute assignment group sessions. These sessions provide you with peer support while allowing you to share your experiences. Studies have shown that group therapy is an important tool for recovery from alcohol abuse. It is also a brilliant way to meet people who are going through the same thing as you are… reminding you that you are not alone – no matter what stage of the recovery process you are at.

Our 28 Dayhab Program in Barnet covers a year’s worth of aftercare. We provide ongoing telephone support while you are with us, and you will also have access to our alumni groups who frequently run specialised events. On top of all of this, your one-on-one sessions with our extremely well-trained psychotherapists should give you the best possible chance at recovery, right from the outset!

The Stable Living Program

Our Stable Living Program is slightly different by design. We created this specialist set of workshops, group therapies, and one-on-one sessions specifically to aid those that are already well on their way to recovery. There are times in life when triggers are out of control, where flare ups of your withdrawal symptoms are expected, and where stress can drive you back towards the brink of ‘using’ again. The Stable Living Program helps you to stay on the right path during those times.

This series of therapies also comes with the same group therapy sessions, psychotherapist help, and years’ worth of aftercare. The Stable Living Program works across the following three areas of recovery:

  • If you are unable to make the full 28 Dayhab program but you still want to consider recovery.
  • If you have already undergone more intensive treatments but want to ‘make it’ in the real world. This program can ease the transition from full-time dayhab or rehab into the real world. The Stable Living Program has reduced numbers of sessions by comparison to the 28 Dayhab Program.
  • If you are well on your way to full recovery but feel you are being tested, overwhelmed, or pushed to use again – then this program can save you from relapse. If this sounds like you then call us today, on 0203 960 8689. Together we can prevent you slipping back into your old ways.

It is important to remember that dayhab does not include overnight stays like regular rehab clinics do. This means you can recover while holding down your job, overseeing a family, or generally holding down your responsibilities. Dayhab also allows you to start practicing your new skills in the real world, from day one. When you complete a residential rehab course you will find there is a transition period as you readjust to normal life. The Farm does away with this transition, helping you get healthy right from the get-go!

Emotional Disorder Treatment at the Farm, Barnet

At the Farm rural dayhab clinic, we also provide tailored, high-end treatment for emotional disorders. This doesn’t just mean that we treat the dependency aspects of addiction – but rather that we have enough qualified therapists on our payroll that we can treat a range of conditions.

Our therapists are fully trained in:

We also use combinations of motivational interviewing, workshops, and other therapies to get you off alcohol and back to full health.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Barnet

Although Barnet might seem like a safe place to live, drugs and alcohol, among other addictions, are often hidden beneath the calm surface. In Barnet, the metropolitan police recorded 18 drug offences (that they know about) in 2019. Although we know that drug crime does not indicate the presence of addiction – it does mean that there are drugs in the area. As they say; there is no smoke without fire.

In 2018, My London reported on a crime where three men were jailed for more than 25 years – all for the possession of drugs. These men were found in a one-bedroomed property in Barnet, rocking the tight-knit community and bringing drug use in town to the forefront of all our minds. When caught, one of the group tried to throw the remaining drugs off the balcony. Police were able to recover the evidence and charged the men… but it is likely the damage that their drug dealing brought into town had already been done.

In terms of other addictions, Gambling is an issue throughout the country, Illicit drug use isn’t the only type of drug addiction common in Barnet, either. There are also plenty of people whop are addicted to prescription medications. If this sounds like you and you live in the Barnet area, then we want to hear from you. Call us now on 0203 960 8689 for more information.

Getting Help for Addictions in Barnet at the Farm

The Farm rural dayhab centre has been deliberately set up to help those suffering from addiction in the Barnet area. We service clients from London to Radlett, and all the areas in between. We believe that recovery should be accessible to everyone – especially those that cannot afford to give up their commitments in order to complete a full-time residential rehab program.

Our aim is to make recovery available to everyone. So if you have decided that it is time for you to get off drugs then we want to hear from you. Call us now on 0203 960 8689 or visit our page to book your free assessment. Recovery in Barnet is completely possible with a little help from the Farm.