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    Kent Dayhab – Drug & Alcohol Addiction Outpatient Treatment

Rural Dayhab Facilities in Kent, Courtesy of the Farm

Here at the Farm, we want to provide tailored, high-end healing for those addicted to alcohol or who can’t get off drugs. We have such extensive healing facilities in our outpatient dayhab centre, that we can even treat a whole range of emotional disorders. We see local clients in our dayhab clinic based in Radlett, near Kent, to give Kent residents the best possible chances of recovery.

Here at the Farm, we specialise in upmarket treatment options for the chronically addicted. We want you to make a full recovery, regardless of your condition. The Farm outpatient dayhab clinic contains all the benefits of a normal full-time residential rehabilitation clinic – except you get to go home at the end of the day. When you recover with the Farm you can live your life uninterrupted – and still find time to get off alcohol, for good.

Some of the conditions we treat at the Farm include:

  • Emotional Disorders – thanks to our highly skilled array of psychotherapists we are able to procure care and treatment for the widest range of conditions possible. As far as we know, we are equipped to deal with a vaster spectrum of emotional problems than any other local dayhab facility in Kent.
  • Eating Disorders – included I the problems we deal with are those with eating disorders. If you eat too much, or can’t eat enough, then we have the psychological team capable of changing your relationship with food. Best of all? If you live in Kent, then our rural dayhab centre is right on your doorstep.
  • Gambling Addiction – as well as dealing with drugs and alcohol, gambling addictions are fairly common in Kent. The growth of the online bookkeeper has ledto some of us having unhealthy relationships with betting. Remember, when the fun stops? You stop.
  • Video Game Addiction – in the digital age we are hearing about more and more people who give in to their video game addictions. Addicts cannot go a full day without playing, put off other things in their lives, and fall behind in studies or work. The Farm dayhab facility can help you. Contact us.
  • Sexual Addictions – sex addictions are particularly dangerous because they are known to get worse and worse until you are led into more and more deviant behaviours. If you feel this is happening to you then your addiction to sex is getting out of control. Do you know you can get help before that happens, with the Stable Living Program, from the Farm?
  • Exercise Addiction – while some of us are overeating and underactive, there are other seeking therapy for addictions to the ‘high’ that exercise can give. If you are working out too often and feel it is becoming a problem in your life – seek help. The Farm lets you get guidance for your addiction issues while simultaneously allowing you to still live your life.

If you think you may be suffering from an addiction, emotional disorder, or other mental health problem, then contact us today. You can call us on 0203 960 8689 to get immediate help. We can place you into one of our specially devised treatment programs, or we can tailor a course of treatments ideal for you. Either way we can help you get healthy in Kent, today.


The Farm rural dayhab facility doesn’t offer full detoxification since this does require you to be sequestered away for a few days. We do, however, have a partner that specialise in referrals for that exact thing. Our partners at Help4Addiction will be happy to find you the best detox treatment clinic for you, within the Kent area.

The 28 Dayhab Program

We provide two specific levels of care, designed to help you through the first three stages of getting off drink and drugs. If you want to quit drinking, then the 28 dayhab program is the ideal way to follow up your detoxification. The 28 Dayhab Program is aimed at those who are in the early stages of recovery. Those who need help to learn the tools and tricks we can use to avoid cravings, and those who need help avoiding falling back into addictive behaviour patterns.

The 28 Dayhab Program includes:

  • An initial consultation with our consultant psychiatrist.
  • One-on-one sessions with a fully skilled psychotherapist.
  • 90-minute group sessions, daily, to help you recover.
  • On-going telephone support throughout the day when you are not in our care.
  • A years’ worth of aftercare and regular meetings if you want to stay in touch.
  • Weekly family support sessions with a qualified councillor, aimed at making your recovery easier on them.
  • Access to our alumni association for those who make it to the end!

What are the benefits of the 28 Dayhab Program at the Farm, Nr Kent?

The benefits of gaining outpatient rehab facilities in your local area are twofold. If you ever need help to recover from an addiction, or treatment for an emotional disorder, then you are well placed. We help your community to heal through therapies, workshops, and assignment groups. We forge lifelong friendships for recoverees, giving back to the Kent community wherever and whenever we can.

Dayhab allows you to recover from addiction in the real world. Since you are not taken away from your behavioural patterns for the full 28 days; you must learn to manage addiction in real life, right from the very beginning. If you can do this, there is a high chance that you can get off, and stay off, whichever substance you abuse.

The benefits of dayhab also include luxury care while you are here at the Farm. We cater to the upmarket victim of addiction, as well as those that need emotional stability in their lives. Which brings us to our other treatment program.

The Stable Living Program, from the Farm

Rural dayhab clinics rarely offer this second level of outpatient care. We know that it is almost impossible to recover and never suffer another craving. For those of you that want to dip their toe into the world of recovery, for those that want to ‘top-up’ their toolbox, and for those that feel their triggers are currently out of control – there is the Stable Living Program.

This course of treatment and therapies was designed to stop you from slipping off the wagon. If you feel a flare up of the problems that drove you to use, if you are in danger from succumbing, or if you just want to remind yourself what to do – then the Farm can help. If this sounds like you then we want, you to call us. You can reach us right now on 0203 960 8689. We are ready and waiting to take your call and start your journey to recovery.

Addiction in Kent: Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Your Local Area

Did you know that deaths relating to drug misuse in England are at their highest levels since the Ecstasy outbreak in 1993? NHS Digital provide this, and several other fascinating facts regarding drug and alcohol abuse in Kent. It is estimated that one in twelve of all adults in England and Wales has taken an illicit drug in the last year. This doesn’t cover prescription drug addiction though, which is the real silent killer at the moment.

Drug Free World report that 15 million American adults have a prescription drug addiction. While this isn’t a statistic for the UK, there is no smoke without fire. Back in 2017, UK newspapers such as the Independent reported that legal drug addiction was overtaking heroin use in England and Wales. Back then, prescription drug addiction was up 22%. Now? A report a year later marks that drug misuse is still on the rise, whether that drug is prescription or narcotic.

Alcohol is no different. Arguably, since it is legal to buy over the counter alcohol is a worse tale of woe. The problem with alcohol has gotten so bad in Kent that Kent County Council have begun offering their own support service. While this is exceptional for a county council; you will find more tailored, effective, and beneficial dayhab care at the Farm. Nevertheless, you can find their guidance by following this link.

To combat the high rates of hospital admissions for alcohol issues, Kent County released the Drink Less – Know Your Score campaign. This awareness campaign seeks to educate those who are drinking too much about when to get help. They have a ‘Drink Free Days’ app which is reasonably useful. We do urge you to seek dayhab care at the Farm if you feel you may be vulnerable.

Outpatient Dayhab Recovery in a Rural Setting Near Kent

The Farm wants to give everyone a chance at recovery in the real world. Contact us today if you feel you may be at risk of addiction. We will not turn away those who suffer from emotional problems either – or so we treat the widest range of disorders in the local area.

If you want the best outpatient dayhab care Kent has to offer, contact us today. Call us on 0203 960 8689 and together we can start your outpatient journey to rehabilitation.