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The Farm Dayhab is the UK’s first ‘Dayhab’ facility for Addiction and Emotional Disorders . Based in Radlett in Hertfordshire, operating specifically for those among you who need help but are unable to go into a residential rehab. We specialise in providing intensive psychological treatment using proven techniques to work around your busy life and work commitments.

Our high-end mental health and addictions treatment provides care for the largest range of psychological and dependency disorders.


28 Dayhab Programme

Our pioneering treatment programme offers flexibility to work around you and includes the following:

  • Initial psychological assessment with a Consultant Psychiatrist.
  • 28 x structured 90 minute Group Sessions in the evenings.
  • 4 x 1 hour one to one psychotherapy sessions.
  • Free aftercare weekly sessions for one year following treatment with an online support group and regular Alumni social activities.
  • During the programme there are weekly Family Support sessions and ongoing telephone support to enable strong recovery for our clients and their families.

Our unique non-residential programme has been specifically designed to fit around your busy work and life commitments.

Our structured Group Therapy, Assignment Groups and One to One’s using a psychoeducational and holistic approach. This is supported with psycho-social and pro-social approaches with CBT, DBT, REBT, Motivational Interviewing and Enhancement Therapy.

Our Assignment Group explore understanding addiction, relationships with the self and others to address the underlying causes and triggers for addictive behaviours.

Workshops will include topics to support relapse prevention, facing up to consequences, the 12 step foundation activities for Steps 1-3, re-building the future and education around co-dependency, developmental immaturity issues and relational trauma reactions.

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Stable Living Programme

At The Farm, we are passionate about your wellbeing and have developed “The Stable Living Programme” (yes horse pun totally intended!)

This works for 3 stages of your recovery:

  • You are unable to attend the full 28 DayHab Programme and want to dip your toe in and start building a foundation for your recovery journey.


  • If you have attended the Treatment Programme, this enables you to benefit from a phased reduction in sessions to give you the support and space to embed your learnings and really define your relapse prevention foundation.


  • You are well into your recovery, your toolkit is full of awareness, coping mechanisms, tools and strategies and you work hard to maintain the sobriety you’ve worked so hard for but the triggers are flaring up and you need to top up your tools and tips tank!


During the month you will have 10 x 90 minute structured group therapy sessions (4 in week 1, 3 in week 2, 2 in week 3 and 1 in week 4) with 4 x 121 sessions with your psychotherapist. This also includes weekly family support sessions and a year’s aftercare.


Upon completion of an intensive programme, it can become scary to think you are now being left to fend for yourself without any support.

We know that the highest chance of a relapse is within the first 60 days of completing your treatment.

We provide 12 months of weekly aftercare support (no extra charge) and by regularly attending these weekly sessions will increase your chance of long-term sobriety.

Family/friend support

We understand that addiction can destroy not only the addict but everyone around them also.

We provide weekly support groups where you will understand the problem and become aware that this situation is NOT your fault.

The family support groups will enable you to build a support network of your own and also give you realistic and enforceable boundaries to put in place.

Alcohol and Drug Detox

Through excessive use of drugs and alcohol, a dependency to the substance can be built up. This can be exceptionally dangerous to just stop without seeking the advice of a medical professional.

We will complete an initial assessment to identify if a detox is required and if so, we will ask our partner Help 4 addiction to work with you to help identify a detox to suit your requirements.

Nicholas Conn
Founder and CEO
Wendy Nee
Clinical Director
Dr Daniela Rossi
Counselling Psychologist
Dr Iqbal Mohiuddin
Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Becky Spelman
Counselling Psychologist
Daniel Alway
Lead Therapist
Charlotte Stone
Kathy Gherardi
Lucy Da Silva
Mike Stillwell
Addiction Counsellor

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Battlers Green Farm, Common Ln, Radlett WD7 8PH

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    Still have questions?
    Phone: 0203 960 8689