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    Radlett Dayhab – Drug & Alcohol Addiction Outpatient Treatment

Recovery in Radlett, with the Farm Rural Dayhab Facility

If you suffer from an addiction or an emotional disorder and happen to live in Radlett – then help is available, right on your doorstep. The Farm rural dayhab facility can provide you with expert quality care throughout your recovery. We specialise in intensive therapies capable of getting to the root of the problem – and all while you get off alcohol or drugs as an outpatient.

Here at the Farm, we optimise patient care towards treating a greater range of conditions than any other rehab centre. We have highly skilled, expertly trained therapists on hand, ready to help. If you think you need urgent treatment,then you can call us right away. Our counselling team are on hand, ready to listen. You can reach us on 0203 960 8689.

The Farm uses intensive therapies to help you overcome emotional problems and addictions. The range of issues we treat at our rural dayhab clinic include:

  • Emotional and Behavioural Disorders – if you struggle with your emotional issues, have an inability to maintain healthy relationships, or feel past trauma is holding you back, our fully qualified therapists can help. They use a range of methods to resolve emotional issues. We will go into these in more detail, directly.
  • Alcohol Addiction – alcoholism is one of the most common addictions in the country. We are well-versed in getting to the root causes and eliminating the emotional holdbacks that keep you hooked.
  • Illicit Drug Addiction – whether you are addicted to crack cocaine or whether you are an every-day marijuana user; the Farm’s treatment programs can help you to change.
  • Gambling Addictions – the hooks and dependencies that make you keep coming back for more are all malleable. This means that we can change your habits, therefore changing your life. Trust the Farm rural dayhab facility to see you on the right path, today.
  • Sex Addictions – the feelings that drive you towards the addiction to sexual activity can all be addressed in therapy. Once the psychological hungers that drive you have been met in other ways, your addiction can start to heal.
  • Other Addictions – since we have so many skilled therapists, all qualified in different fields psychological medicine; we are able to treat far more types of addiction and emotional problem than most dayhab facilities. Better yet, we treat our clients as outpatients – meaning you can receive treatment for addiction through the day and then go home and spend the night with your family.

If you feel that being treated as an outpatient will better suit you than a full 28-day stint in rehab – then we want to hear from you. Get help locally, at our Radlett based dayhab facility, and recover in real life, in the sanctity of your own home.

You can reach us via our webpage to book a free assessment or you can call us, on 0203 960 8689.

Therapies you can Expect at the Farm Dayhab Clinic in Radlett

Our psychotherapists have been educated at some of the top academic facilities in the UK. They each bring a special skillset that adds to our ability to treat a wide range of emotional issues. Some of the exemplary skills they bring include:

  1. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (or CBT): CBT looks at behavioural patterns and analyses ways you can change these patterns. It is a talking therapy that will help you put the way you think into perspective. Often, when a new perspective is applied to addictive behaviour, it gives insight into how we operate in the future. CBT is a key tool in managing addictions.
  2. Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (or DBT): this specialised version of CBT looks at accepting and changing the way we behave. Although initially developed to treat Borderline Personality Disorder, DBT has proven itself effective in changing the behavioural patterns of those that are suffering from addiction.
  3. Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (or REBT): REBT looks at the way you think of yourself. It is widely accepted in psychology that the way a patient perceives the outside world and the way they see themselves are vastly different. REBT seeks to change the negative beliefs a client has about themselves, for the better.
  4. Motivational Interviewing (or MI): this type of therapy explores the clients needs, wants, goals, and motivations. Instead of looking at changing the aspects of a person that can lead to emotional disorders or addictions; this therapy style focuses on the positive aspects that should be nurtured for future development.
  5. Enhancement Therapy (or Motivational Enhancement Therapy, MET): MET is a progression from MI. This specific kind of motivational therapy is used to encourage those with an addiction to get off their substance of choice. MET is usually one of the first techniques a psychotherapist uses on a patient, since concentrating on the reasons to quit is a great motivator.

Recovery in Radlett – Drug and Alcohol Statistics

Radlett is a beautiful area of the country and there is no doubting the attraction of living here. Whether you are from Aldenham East or Aldenham West; our gorgeous town is a prized postcode in the Hertfordshire region. We provide high-end, quality treatment for those suffering from addictions throughout Radlett – and although our quaint, peaceful town may seem like it doesn’t have a drug or alcohol problem, the truth is never as clean-cut as we hope.

UK Crime Stats make a point of recording all of the known drug crimes in the Radlett area, to give you an idea of how much goes on behind closed doors. There are between 5 and 10 drug crimes a month in the Bushey and Radlett area. Although we know that drug crime is not always caused by those that are addicted; we do know that the presence of drug crimes means there are drugs in the area. 5-10 crimes regularly, every month, means that drugs are being supplied and taken in your town… even if you never thought it was possible.

We know from past government reports that the treatment of drug and alcohol addictions can help to lower crime rates (Public Health Matters, Nov 2017). It is our hope that, by providing our tailored drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs in the Radlett area, we can have a knock-on effect in lowering drug and alcohol related crimes in the area.

Arguably, alcohol is a bigger problem – and not just in Radlett, but throughout the whole of England. Since alcohol is legal to buy and readily available for affordable prices; it presents an area of addiction available to almost anyone. Although the recommended amount of alcohol consumption is no more than 14 units a week, we Brits regularly take more.

Statista estimate that 17% of all people in England are binge drinkers. Between 2013 and 2014 there were 33.3 thousand admissions for alcohol poisoning in England alone. In the same year, more than 65 thousand people were admitted to the NHS for excessive alcohol consumption. Although a drink might seem like a good idea, it is highly addictive and can lead to all sorts of medical problems in the future.

If you have had enough of alcohol or are done with drugs – contact us today. Call 0203 960 8689 to get Radlett-based help for your addiction, right now.

Why Choose the Farm?

Asides from having a fully qualified team that bring a range of skills to the table – why choose to recover at the Farm? There are a myriad of reasons that we make one of the best dayhab facilities in England. We cater to both those who need to get off and stay off drugs and alcohol, or those who are already sober – but who need a helping hand to stay that way.

Our team can provide care for a wider range of emotional issues than most other dayhab facilities. We also run workshops, assign you to group therapy that will offer peer support and encourage healing, and even provide family support. Our weekly sessions aimed at caring for your family’s mental health truly set us apart as a healing space you can rely on. Your support network is as important to us as it is to your recovery. When you choose to heal with the Farm, your family heals, too.

Another vital reason for choosing to recover from drug addiction with the Farm is our aftercare service. When your treatment is concluded, we appreciate it can be difficult to ‘go it alone’. When you recover through our therapy services – you never have to. Each patient receives a year’s worth of aftercare, absolutely free. You can also partake in our alumni membership scheme, which sees former patients make friends with those who have tread a similar path.

In short; when you choose to recover at the Farm, you have access to a whole range of services, techniques, and healing mechanisms, all of which will help you get off drugs or alcohol. We also provide you with enough therapy to get to the bottom of any emotional issues, treating the source of addiction, for good.

If you live in Radlett and you want to recover then call us today, on 0203 960 8689. Together, we can get you better.