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    Bedfordshire Dayhab – Drug & Alcohol Addiction Outpatient Treatment

Drug and Alcohol Dayhab Facilities in Bedfordshire

Those who live in Bedfordshire and who need help to get off alcohol or to give up drugs will be interested to know there is a dayhab facility, right on their doorstep! Dayhab has all of the features of rehab clinics – but you can attend through the day, after work. In addition, you don’t need to stay overnight. When you choose to recover at a Dayhab Centre, you can continue to hold down your life commitments, all while you get better!

Here at the Farm in Radlett, we offer this specialist care to the residents of Bedfordshire and beyond. We want those who are in full time work to have the same chances at quitting drugs and alcohol as those who are able to sequester themselves away in full time residential rehab programs. Our uniquely devised, high-end services can also be tailored to suit those with emotional disorders. Some of our exclusive therapies in this area were initially devised to treat things like Borderline Personality Disorder.

We here at the Farm have fully qualified psychotherapists, capable of treating your emotional or physical dependency. If you want to get off drugs or drink today – then call us, right now. We can be reached on 0203 960 8689, or you can book a free assessment by visiting our page. If you need urgent care then contact us now, we may not be able to provide a detox program but we have partners who can find you a place.

What sorts of Problems We Treat?

If you live in Bedfordshire and are suffering from any of the following, then you should call us. We have fully trained experts on-hand, ready to help you recover. All it takes is for you to make that first step! Some of the conditions we treat include:

  • Alcohol Addiction – With 24% of all UK adults drinking above and beyond what the Chief Medical Officer recommends per week; alcohol abuse is one of the biggest problems in Britain. We provide high-end support and tailored treatment plans for your relief. Get of alcohol today, here at a rural dayhab facility that lets you keep living your life.
  • Narcotic/illicit drug addiction –With drugs flooding into Britain and the authorities only able to pick them off the streets one case at a time – drug addiction is almost as big of an issue. Between cocaine, heroin, and marijuana, we have more than enough drug problems here in Britain. Get help today by contacting the Farm rural dayhab centre, on 0203 960 8689.
  • Prescription drug addiction – According to HuffPost, Prescription drug misuse is a bigger problem than anyone previously thought – and it isn’t just an American problem. In the last 2 years the NHS have experienced a 17% increase in the admission to hospital for those addicted to over-the-counter medications.
  • Gambling Addiction – There are so many ways to gamble in the UK it is only realistic that some of us would become emotionally dependent on the thrill it brings. Addictions are just as real without the substance misuse element, but the Farm non-residential dayhab clinic can help you, none the less.
  • Sex Addiction – Sex addiction is being hooked on the temporary high that sex can bring. We can help treat it with some intense therapies aimed at getting to the heart of the matter. Contact us today and we can start treatment if you feel your sexual compulsions are out of control.
  • Obsessive, Compulsive, behaviour – If you are obsessed with any number of things then our fully qualified psych team are able to treat you, today. Don’t let it fester, get in touch with your local Bedfordshire rural dayhab centre now, for help.
  • Food Addiction – Some of us have unhealthy relationships with food and diets. If you feel you fall into this category, our psychotherapists can apply CBT and DBT to help re-examine your actions. Food addiction is fixable, don’t be fooled!
  • Smoking – Giving up smoking is one of the hardest things you will ever do in your life – as is dealing with any addiction. Stop smoking with help from group therapy at the Farm. It is never too late to change your lung health for the better.

So if you think you are struggling with any of these addictions then we want to hear from you, Get in touch today on 0203 960 8689 for more information.

Drug Addiction and misuse in Bedfordshire

You may have moved to Bedfordshire thinking it was a peaceful area. The unfortunate truth is that no area of Britain is safe from the reach of drink and drugs. A Police Professional report in May of 2019 actually revealed that one in ten of all adults between the ages of 18 and 59 are regular drug users. Keep in mind: that’s not to say one in ten take drugs – rather that one in ten regularly do so.

This same report identified more than 34k regular ‘users’ in Bedfordshire County. Although this might seem like a large number; the problem is on a UK-wide scale. The NHS reported 7,378 hospital admissions for those who were on drugs in the November 2018 – November 2019 period. This figure is a full 30% higher than it was ten years ago.

As far as Bedfordshire Police departments are concerned, they are working hard to tackle the problem. They intend to make neighbourhoods safer via the ongoing work of their investigation known as Operation Nola. They boast that it has taken more than 60 people off the streets in its first twelve months. As of August 2019, they believe they have made valid contributions to disruption of drug supply lines, into and out of the county. They have also confiscated an alarming number of weapons from those same individuals, and through carrying out raids.

In a single year the departments had taken £13,570 Class A drugs and £4,100 of Class B drugs off the streets. You can read more about this specialist department by following this link.

Alcohol Addiction and Misuse in Bedfordshire

Alcoholism is arguably worse because it is both legal and easy to purchase if you are of age. The UK has an ongoing issue with alcohol, and yet refuses to place the same kind of embargoes on it as it does on tobacco. Next to smoking, alcoholism is the most common addiction in the UK… and yet we do so little to stop it. As a result, the NHS reports 337, 870 hospital admissions for alcohol in 2018-2019.

So while we may think drugs are a terrible, awful problem: 34,000 hospital admissions in England last year for drugs doesn’t even hold a candle to the 337, 870 people who were hospitalized for alcohol. Alcohol is a national crisis. It simply isn’t taken seriously enough. Worse, there were more than 5,000 deaths for alcoholism in 2017… a 16% increase on ten years before.

Bedfordshire Police force have some interesting guidance regarding alcohol consumption over the festive period. This mainly applies to drink driving. The only other involvement police have with alcohol is to waste time on a Friday and Saturday night dealing with revellers. If your partying gets to become more trouble than it is worth then it may be time to seek out the Farm rural dayhab clinic, to begin your recovery. Contact us on 0202 960 8689 for more information.

Incidentally, a Bedfordshire police officer was recently dismissed for drink driving. It seems that not even the law is immune to the dangers of alcohol.

Treatments at the Farm Rural Dayhab Clinic

We provide a range of high-end treatments to vastly aid an array of conditions. We offer both a 28 Dayhab Program, and a Stable Living Program. Some of the treatments included in these programs are:

  • Group therapies – addiction and emotional disorders are easiest to treat among those who suffer similar problems. Your assignment group will be part of your journey to recover – and may even become lifelong friends.
  • Psychotherapy – we use everything from CBT to Motivational Interviewing to get you off to the best possible start. We can help you across the three stages of recovery – from highly addicted into stable, and on the right track.
  • Family Support – we know that your family suffer while they do their best to support you. Let us take away that guilt by treating your family to therapy sessions on a weekly basis, while you recover?
  • Outpatient care – all of our treatments, workshops, therapies, and care, is given on an outpatient basis. You start applying the tools you have learned to cope with addiction, in the real world, from the get-go. When you choose the Farm rural dayhab clinic in Bedfordshire, you have the best chances of success.

We also give all of our patients a years’ worth of aftercare, ongoing telephone support throughout the day, and a support network, all focused towards your recovery. We even have an alumni association for our graduates – who are always looking for new members to have fun with!

When you are ready to recover why not do it with the Farm? We are waiting for your call. Reach us on 0203 960 8689 and start your journey back to health. It all starts with you picking up the phone.