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    Borehamwood Dayhab – Drug & Alcohol Addiction Outpatient Treatment

The Farm: Providing Premium Dayhab Support to Borehamwood

If you live in or around Borehamwood then you are lucky enough to be in the catchment area for the Farm. We area rural dayhab clinic who are fully equipped to treat those who suffer from addictions, as outpatients. The genius of an outpatient, dayhab facility is that everyone can use it to recover. If you want to get off drink or drugs but don’t have the time for a full, 28-day residential rehab course? Then the Farm is exactly the outpatient clinic you need in your life.

The types of issues we cover aren’t just addiction based. We have extremely well-trained therapists at our disposal, each of whom has a range of skills which add to our already vast healing platform. Each member of our team has been specifically trained to provide high-end mental health care, no matter the addiction or emotional disorder.

The types of condition that we cover at the Farm include:

  • Alcohol Addiction – if you find yourself with an alcohol problem, the Farm offers two different programs, both aimed at keeping you off alcohol for good.
  • Substance Abuse – from opiate addiction to aerosol sniffing, we provide tailored treatment plans, designed to keep you sober.
  • Eating Disorders – our highly skilled therapists are trained in a wide range of techniques, all of which can help you see food in a different light.
  • Emotional Dependencies – some addictions, like gambling, sex, and gaming, don’t involve a substance. Rather, you become addicted to the ‘buzz’ it produces. We can treat these emotional dependencies, one day at a time.
  • Drug Addiction – by far the most common problems we treat involve drugs or alcohol. Cocaine, opiates, and hallucinogenic are common addictive substances. This also includes those who want to quit smoking for good.
  • Prescription Drug Addiction – the addictive properties of certain medications can convince us to keep coming back for more. Prescription drug abuse is on the rise all over the country – but the Farm can treat it!

If you think you need help with any of these conditions, then you can contact us today. Call now, on 0203 960 8689, for free, confidential advice. We are here and waiting, whenever you decide you want to go into recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Borehamwood

While Hertfordshire County Council gives some basic advice on how to get help for drug and alcohol abuse; this guidance is limited. When you come to the Farm, we can give you better help, tailored to suit you, that gets to the root of the problem through intense therapies. The NHS also provides guidance, mainly to state that those who need drug or alcohol advice should start by seeing their GP.

How big a problem is drug and alcohol abuse in your area? According to Hertfordshire Police, the Borehamwood and Elstree area saw 129 drug crimes last year. This accounted for 2.52% of all known crimes in the area. Although this may seem like a low number – UK Crime Stats puts this area at 18th on their Neighbourhood Crime League Tables.

Although we know that drug cries are not necessarily indicative of addiction problems, we do know that they are evidence of a darker side to the place nearly 30,000 people call home. Alcohol doesn’t paint any prettier of a picture, either. 337,870 people in England were admitted to hospital for alcoholism between 2017 and 2018, according to the NHS. This trend is similar in scale to that of the year before. It is also indicative of a much larger problem within the UK.

While Great Britain have introduced a nationwide packaging policy across the entire tobacco industry; no such moves have been made towards alcohol packaging. In Scotland, at least, the minimum unit price has helped[i]. In Borehamwood and Elstree, there is no such protection. Alcohol is far too readily available and, in a politically terse country, presents an escape from reality we are too ready to seize.

If you end up falling victim to the wiles of either drug abuse or alcohol addiction and think that you need help, the Farm can offer outpatient dayhab that really helps. Choose from one of our two programs or contact us on 0203 960 8689 to discuss a treatment plan that suits you. Our award winning team are ready and waiting for your call.

The Symptoms of Addiction

If you are a Borehamwood resident that thinks they may be suffering from an addiction, listen up! Check for the following symptoms for signs that you might be an addict. Be aware and look out for these symptoms in those you love:

  • Shaking or tremors when they/you withdraw from the substance or action you are think you may be addicted to.
  • Nausea, headaches, sweating or vomiting when you restrain yourself from partaking in substance abuse for prolonged periods of time.
  • Mood swings, depression, anxiety, or frequent bouts of rage when you withdraw from the substance in question.
  • The inability to quit taking your drug of choice, quite drinking, smoking, or repeating the action that brings you the ‘buzz’ you are looking for.
  • Being able to ‘use’ first thing in the morning – this shows a level of resistance that other people simply couldn’t achieve.
  • Leaving yourself short on bill money to pay for your substance or action. For example, if you gamble away your rent money then there is a high chance you are suffering from an addiction.

If you are worried about a friend or family member displaying these symptoms then the Farm rural dayhab clinic can help you. Contact us today for more information or to book yourself a free assessment appointment.

Why Choose Dayhab?

So why would you choose dayhab clinics over a regular rehab clinic? We put together some of the best reasons, right here.

The Benefits of Dayhab Include:

  • No Overnight Stays – when you choose dayhab clinics you do not need to stay overnight. Normally, full time residential rehab lasts for approximately 28 days. When you choose the Farm rural dayhab clinic you can come and go as you please.
  • There is no transition period – when you decide on dayhab or rehab, you canstart learning real-life tools that help keep you sober. Unlike rehab, dayhab allows you to apply these skills in the real world, straight away.
  • It is more affordable – because you do not need to pay for your room and board you may end up paying less overall. The average cost of rehab in the UK is around the £4,000 mark. Worse; you may end up paying separately for therapy and aftercare. When you get off drugs at the Farm, you receive a year’s worth of aftercare as part of the package.
  • You have Telephone Support – unlike when you are in full time residential rehab, a dayhab clinic allows you to go about your business as usual. If you run into triggers or cravings as the day progresses, you can call for telephone support.
  • The same access to therapies as you would have if you were in full-time rehab. If anything, therapists have more time to spend with you since they are not spreading themselves between large numbers of clients.
  • Stay Committed – there is no need to give up work or life commitments to recover from drug addiction. If you want to get off alcohol but have a full-time job, or a full-time family to run, then the Farm can work around your day. Everyone deserves the chance to recover, with the Farm you can make it happen!

The Farm also brings a unanimous benefit to the Borehamwood community. You, your friends, your family – all can be treated locally. Local treatment as an outpatient allows for less travelling expenses, less time to be exposed to triggers during journeys, and more readily available help when it is needed.

Notably, the one thing that we do not do at the Farm is full detoxification from substances. However, our friends over at Help4Addiction can refer you on to somewhere that will accommodate this treatment type. For all other recovery types the Farm can help. Call us today, on 0203 960 8689 to start your recovery.

Why Dayhab at the Farm?

Borehamwood residents can benefit from a premium dayhab service when they come to us. Our high-end treatment options allow for upscale recovery, without the full-time hours. Allow us to take care of you while you take care of yourself – and you have a high chance of staying off your poison of choice, for good.

We have numerous professional accreditations, are members of various professional programs, and are the recipients of the Hertfordshire Care Awards, 2019. We also have a myriad of former clients, all of whom are happily on the path to recovery. Not everyone can give up substance or alcohol abuse – but those that do can go on to live a full life, with a little help from the Farm.

Arguably, the best reasons to receive your outpatient dayhab treatment at the Farm include our years’ worth of aftercare per program, our daily group therapy sessions in our 28 Dayhab Program, and our telephone access.  We are there when you need us and even provide alumni events to give our continued support.

With the Farm you can get off drugs. What are you wating for?