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    Elstree Dayhab – Drug & Alcohol Addiction Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient Dayhab Care at the Farm, Elstree

Here at the Farm, we specialise in tailored, professional, outpatient care for those that need help getting off alcohol and drugs. We serve the Elstree, Borehamwood, and greater Hertfordshire area with our Radlett based dayhab clinic. Our experienced, skilled, caring team are able to counsel and support you through the worst of triggers and cravings. When you choose the Farm for your alcohol or drug recovery, you are giving yourself a fighting chance.

We put together this article to cover the range of services we offer in the Elstree area. However, we want to offer our support to you, personally, before we go any further. If you, or someone you love, is in danger then call us straight away. We can be reached on 0203 960 8689. You can also book a free assessment via the button on our website.

All advice is confidential, all of our staff are ready and waiting to help, and all we want to do is to help as many people recover as we can. Drugs, alcohol, gambling and other addictions have the ability to ruin lives. We want to stop them destroying yours. Contact us today and together we can start changing your life.

Services from The Farm

The Farm provide some high-end dayhab treatments for a range of disorders. Our specially trained Psych staff are able to treat a myriad of emotional and dependency disorders. Our focus might be to save people from addictions – but we can help with so much more than that.

The two main programs we offer are aimed at catering to two of the three main stages of addiction. The first stage – the detox stage – is not something we are able to do here on-site (because we are non-residential). Detox requires that you be removed from your home and surroundings for a short period to ensure you don’t have access to your substance of choice.

Although we are not able to deal with this stage ourselves, our partners over at Help4Addiction will be able to help you. They will give you a free online consultation which they will then use to find a detox treatment clinic near you. Once done, you can be treated elsewhere for this first, critical stage.

Afterwards, we will be able to take you through the final two stages at your leisure. The two main types of high-end dayhab program we provide are as follows.

The 28 Dayhab Program

Our expertly put together 28 Dayhab program is designed for those who want to get off alcohol or drugs in Elstree, but that can’t afford to give up family and work commitments to take a residential rehab program. Addiction and emotional disorders can be treated using our pioneering mix of therapies, here at the Farm.

Our 28 Dayhab Program includes:

  • A psychological Assessment with our consultant psychologist. They will be able to apply what they learn in this interview to your treatment plan, in order to make the best of workshops and therapy types that will work best for you.
  • Structured Group Therapy classes. Each class takes place daily throughout the 28 days of treatment and lasts for around 90 minutes.
  • 4 hour-long one-on-one therapy sessions. We use an intensive mix of CBT DBT, REBT, Motivational Interviewing, and Enhancement Therapy, all to strengthen your chances at quitting drugs or alcohol, for good.
  • On-Going Telephone Support – if you are struggling throughout the day when you are not with us, then you can call in for telephone help.
  • Weekly family support sessions – addiction doesn’t just affect you. It has a negative impact on your home and family life, all those that support you are liable to need help of their own. At the Farm, we can provide it.
  • A full years’ worth of aftercare will be included in your care. Our dayhab facility also has an online support group that you can take advantage of after treatment.
  • As if that weren’t enough, you have the option of keeping in touch with some of our alumni. They run regular events and meetups so everyone can enjoy their new, sober, lives together. Since the Farm is a local establishment, you may even make some friends, right here in your own community!

As well as all of the above; you also receive the high quality of care that can only be found in our dayhab facility. Winner of the Hertfordshire Care Awards in 2019; our clinic is the best place to get help for addiction in Elstree. Call 0203 960 8689 now to find out more.

The Stable Living Program

The Stable Living Program is aimed at those that are making the transition from full time rehab to living at home – but feel they need extra help. It is perfect for those that want to intervene in an addiction early, before it becomes a problem. It is also made for those that are already free from addiction, but that want to top up their tool kit.

It contains all of the same elements as our 28 Dayhab Program, but in lesser amounts.

Our Workshops

As well as offering the above services, we also provide workshops focused on recovery and emotional healing. Topics of these workshops change regularly and do include the full range of therapies in a running cycle. Some of the things our workshops cover includes the 12 step foundation activities (1-3), re-building the future, co-dependence education, consequence facing, and relapse prevention.

If you think either our 28 Dayhab Program, our Workshops, or our Stable Living Program are right for you then we want to hear from you. Whether you live in Elstree or whether you live just outside of town – we can help kick start your recovery! Call us, on 0203 960 8689 to get started.

What is Dayhab?

Dayhab is a new way of working treatment for drug addiction, alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, and a number of other emotional dependency disorders. Dayhab operates with similar therapies, workshops, and peer support, that you can find in any given rehab clinic. The key difference between the two facilities is that a dayhab clinic is non-residential.

When you first decide to quit drugs for good in the UK, you will generally do so via the NHS. When you see them for treatment, one of the most likely courses of action is that they will refer you to a rehab clinic. A typical stint in a rehab clinic lasts for 28 days, after which you will be discharged into the community. This stint will cost around £4,000. Depending on where you live, the NHS may not be able to help you with much of the costs.

Dayhab allows those who cannot afford this price tag to get the help for alcohol addiction that they need. More: dayhab allows for rehabilitation as an outpatient. This means there is no need to spend 28 days living away from home, minus your support network. There are a multitude of benefits that support dayhab as a valuable tool in combatting addiction problems. We will cover some of them in a moment.

First, we would like to talk about drugs, alcohol, addictions, and emotional disorders in Elstree. Exactly how big a problem is addiction in Elstree and what are your resources for tackling it? We took a closer look to find out.

Drug and Alcohol Dependency in Elstree

You may not believe that Elstree has much of an issue with drug and alcohol dependency – but you would be wrong. Alcohol is a huge problem nationwide, and drug issues are not far behind. Alcoholism is so big in the UK that charities such as Drink Aware exist simply to combat it. It is thought that raising awareness will help solve the problem. With similar charity Alcohol Change citing an estimated 589,101 dependent drinkers in England alone– if you do suffer from alcoholism in Elstree you are definitely not alone!

There is a definite drug problem in Elstree – and it is reaching farther than ever before. As recently as November 2019, the Metro reported on a case at Haberdasher’s Aske’s Boys’ School in Elstree. Drugs were found in the staff accommodation of the school… possibly the last place you would expect to find drugs.

Although we know that drug crime isn’t necessarily evidence of addiction, we know that the presence of drugs allows for temptation. Usually, when there is smoke it is followed by a proverbial fire. Hertfordshire Police report that there were 129 drug crimes in Elstree between November 2018 and November 2019. The NHS can also validate that there were 14,053 hospital admissions for illicit drug poisoning in England that same year. Perhaps more alarmingly, a further 7,545 drug users were admitted for mental health problems caused by drugs.

Drug and alcohol misuse are becoming the scourge of England. If you need help combatting the demon drink and you live in Elstree, then don’t wait. Our Stable Living Program will keep you on the right path. All it takes is a single phone call to keep the cravings under control.

The Farm: Rural Dayhab for Elstree

So if you live in Elstree and feel you need help fighting an addiction then contact us today. We want to help you recover from your addiction and get your life back in order. We can be your support, we can provide out-of-normal-hour therapies, and we will be with you, every step of the way. All you have to do is call us, on 0203 960 8689.